Opinions on pick-up artists?

Are they for real? Or are they men with fancy code words preying on the weak? Girls or guys answer this if you will :)


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  • They're real.

    They're definitely not imaginary.

    Yes they prey on the weak the whole pua system is to be a higher value than her & lower her self esteem cooly so she seeks validation from you.

    • I think his question was "are most women actually stupid enough for that kind of idiotic sh*t to work on them?"

    • Yep most women are insecure pretty easy to exploit a girl's insecurities.

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  • I think the women that go for it probably would have went with the guy to begin with if he's have sacked up and approached her. It gives guys validation to feel like they can get out there. I think its a bit silly, but the dating advice market is a cash cow.


    pickup artist type guys are weak guys playing a role. deep down they're insecure and the "average frustrated chumps" they pretend not to be. so they disrespect girls as a test. they do it to see which girl has low enough self esteem to tolerate them, and try to lower a girls esteem even more so they can take advantage of her weakness. there is a certain type of woman who falls for this and a certain type that is repelled by it

    • Not putting women on a pedestal is not respecting them? LOLWUT

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  • in theory it's pretty good but a lot of so called pick up artists are all talk. they say try and meet x amount of women every day... if you're approaching 10 girls a night you're bound to get at least one phone number. It's nothing but averages and dressing funny for attention. they prey on weak minded guys for money. I will admit though, some of the theories behind the pick up scene are powerful but not nearly as glamorous as they're portrayed to be.

  • Egomanical psychophants that prey on a loophole in female psychology to get woman to compete for validation and acceptance. This is mostly done through back handed compliments and projecting a larger than life image of one-self, and trying to make women think you are high value and they need to compete for you.

  • I don't exactly understand what one even is.

    • The Game - Neil Strauss, give it a read if you get a chance.

    • What do they do though how do they function.

    • We eat the souls of unsuspecting women..

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