Do you realize that respectable women will never date you if you've dated one of their friends before?

dated one of their friends before?

It's in the girlfriend code.

I would never do anything to hurt my friends, and I would never date a guy who's dated one of them before. Even if all they did was kiss.

Does this make any difference to guys or do they even care?


If you like a girl would you still try to sleep with one of her friends because she's easier? (knowing that after that your chances of being with the girl you really like are shot to hell)


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  • lmfao you do realize that's not just "girlfriend code" that's just the code of everyone...

    • That SHOULD be everyone's code, but every guy I've met doesn't care!

      While girls do.

      (the ones I'm close to anyways...)

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    • i actually feel oppositely

    • I guess it depends on the people you hang out with and the culture of your country...

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  • Would they hook up with you? Why you kiss one of your friends ex's?

    thats happened to me.

    Personally I would not date a close friends ex. If they are just aquanences it doesn't matter.


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  • Eh, I dunno. Maybe I'm just out of the loop and socially backwards, but I hang out with my boyfriend's ex. Granted, we didn't really start becoming friends until right when they were breaking up, and they're still not on good terms, so we never all hang out together...

    I wouldn't have issues with any of my friends getting together with my exes either, because I know they're good guys, but just not right for me. Besides, it's been so long since we've broken up that it seems silly to impose arbitrary limits like that.

  • Some guys are aware of this, but many choose to ignore it while thinking only with their d***s. They don't realize that when they try to get with another girl in the same social circle, he become the male equivalent of a slut and no girl in that circle will touch him.

  • Clearly you don't live in a small town. Lucky.

    • Actually it has nothing to do with the size of the has to do with morals.

      And yes I do live in a small city.