I (20f) got on really well with a first date, but he (m27) was pushy sexually afterwards?

I met a guy on tinder and we texted for about a week before we arranged a date. I enjoyed speaking to him and we got on well. I noticed he would bring up sexual topics a little and told him I don't to do those things before I have a connection with a man.

We met up in my local city centre, got a drink, walked around and spent about 5 hours together. I really liked him- he was very confident, chatty , easy going and fun, cute. Later that day when I was back at home we texted abit more and arranged a second date and even a third date at his apartment cooking for him. He bought up the sexual topic again, and I told him I don't want to do that for a while, not until we have a connection. He said he has wants and needs too and will wait until I'm ready, but will let me know if he can no longer wait for me, and I said ok.

A little later he called me, and confided in me that he has some 'weird' things he likes to do , and I was a little annoyed he bought up this sexual topic again when he knows I don't want to do that stuff yet. He told me, it would make him very happy if I let him do things to me - he told me he would lick and put his tongue up my rear, wants me to sit on his face, wants me to even take a dump on him I think. I think he was going to say more too but I told him he didn't have to continue lol. He told me it's ok, I can help you learn slowly. I am not used to this stuff, so it felt weird but I can understand this stuff is more normal for others. At the end, he told me on our third date I can come to his apartment, cook for him a little then maybe do something with him. I told him no. Then he said what can I do to convince you? and I said nothing. After this I told him I have to sleep.

Later I sent him a text saying I think we have different priorities and that we should cancel our next date, to which he replied saying he respects that.

It's kind of disappointing because I really enjoyed his company in person. Is he a creep or am I overreacting?
I (20f) got on really well with a first date, but he (m27) was pushy sexually afterwards?
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