Public hangings, less likely to commit murder?

Do you think people would be less likely to commit murder if they knew they'd be hung in public if caught? Their deaths witnessed by crowds of strangers, humiliated in front of many

Would this make murder seem more of a risk?



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  • Did that guy live?

    • What would you like me to say?

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    • no. I just want to know. Why is this a big deal to you

    • In the film he survives, him his friend and the woman run away and start a new life in America

      The film's innacurate though, he wasn't saved and he hung. The man in the film was real, a highwayman

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  • I don't really think so...alot of the people that commit crimes don't care about what happens to their life, and they don't think they're going to get caught and some people that commit murder are just crazy. Studies have shown that the death penalty isn't an effective deterrence. I study criminal justice right now I'm in college lol.

  • I don't even think we can trust the government not to railroad people and silence people for political reasons.

    • But if people didn't commit crimes then the government wouldn't have anyone to treat unjustly

    • Nonsense.

    • Actually you're right, it's no secret goverments do as they please... but in doing so they're exposing themselves. They may be in charge but they still need a relatively clean image

      I take it you don't trust your government at all?

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