Am I too obsessive for guys?

I am the type of girl who will not make guy bestfriend. Sorry, I don't believe in pure friendship unless one of us is gay. I am a traditional person. I make sure that my boyfriend knows that I am all his. I am also a person who likes to be really attentive to people I love, for example, noticing that he is cold or needs a tissue. Now, it sounds positive so far, but my friends said I am obsessive and they aren't wrong. I have a tendency to be a little bit obsessed with my loved ones too. I will remember everything they said and I don't usually show my unhappiness. I notice every small thing they do (sometimes, too much and too long ago) and I usually will always follow them to do anything (my friends said I need to back off a bit sometimes). I also show that that i can go to great length to make them happy (e. g. always up for plans WHENEVER they make them). I usually reserve my feelings for myself too and I am overly sensitive. Some of these traits sound positive make me someone who is sometimes too obsessive in reality (my friend actually doubted me for stalking them to the other places once/They told me I am obsessive and said they needed space), but overall a great friend (They made sure we still had connections and somehow, me leaving makes them miss me more and treat me better).

When it comes to guys, will guys dislike it very much? I mean I am basically like their mom at that point. My best friends and good friends don't mind it, but maybe this kind of behavior is always called 'crazy' in dating world.
Am I too obsessive for guys?
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