First date help?

Ladies, I need some help, I have never been on a date before, how should I act? I don't want her to know I've never been on a date before. Any advice is appreciated thx


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  • Well your a little behind the game. It all depends on what you two crazy kids are going to do. If I had to give you a piece of advice I would tell you to not be nervous. Be relaxed and confident, yet it sounds hard, but it actually quite easy. Try not to let there be silent moments at dinner or wherever you take her. Keep asking questions and try a make some classy jokes, for sarcasm will get you no where. Be a gentleman, yet not to much of a puss she wants a man not a lady.

    • First, always be yourself. Otherwise, she will fall for a nonexistent guy, or see through your fakery. Be polite, smile often, compliment her, don't fill up silences with useless chatter. If you aren't having a good time, neither is she.