Was my flirting inappropriate?

So there is this girl who is my friend and we flirt quite a bit. We tickle each other, poke each other and what not. To the point one time when we walked past Victoria secrets she said she needs something from here and I pulled her hand and almost walked in.

So I was partying the entire weekend for my birthday and invited her out. She was kinda out of it because of ex, so told her what a great girl she was and any guy would be lucky to have her. I was completely wasted and she was sober, and I took her hand and warped around mine, and every time we broke contact I re-initiated it.At the same time flirted with her like how we usually do, but this time every time I did she smiled back at me. At the same time a friend of mine send me a text asking if I was f**king her. because we were away from everyone else. She read it and I apologized on his behalf. Later one of my friend (a girl) asked if she got mad at the text and she said w.e they were drunk.

The next day she was supposed to come out and party with me. But she called in and told me she was sick. So my mutual friend told me I should probably call and apologize if crossed the line and I did and she said don't worry about it. But she sounded sad when I called just like how she sounds when there is an issue with her ex.

So was anything I did inappropriate that night consider how we are with each other usually ? and was taking her arm and wrapping around mine bit to much? She tells me I'm funny and I'm gentleman . and if she got offended how do I defuse it and go back to how we are?

one of our mutual friends talked to her and she told him she got the feeling that some people did not like her being there because I spent more time with her than them. Which was kind of true. So was she freaked out or just backed to not upset others as well ?


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  • You might of freaked her out, but I don't think it was that awful. Just casually talk to her and give her time to get over it. Don't end contact because you guys will slowly grow apart. If you anything more to ask message me or add me or whatever. I hope this helps. =)

  • she may have been just a little on edge because a completely drunk person kept holding on to her and probably saying crazy things all the time.

    flirting-wise,it doesn't sound like you did anything more than you usually do with her.

    • Would that be considered inappropriate though? Like would be completely out of line?

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