He wants to hang out, should I ask him to hang out first?

I have been taking to this guy and we both know he likes me and I like him. He said he really wants me to be his girlfriend, but he has to see me more. Should I ask him to hangout first, or should I wait for him to ask me to hangout. Where should we hangout at? Thanks guys (:


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  • It's funny cause like most other girls we don't know what guys like.. do they like the confident girl? shy? up front? we never know till we try... BUT saying that if you both know that you like each other then don't think about it just do it! Rip off the plaster and say something like "was wondering if you wanted to do something" you never know till you try chick! x

    • Thanks for the help, I'm going to go for it(:

    • yay first best answer! Do it! and let me know how it goes! x

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  • Either way works. You could ask him to hang out. Most guys love it when girls take the initiative. You could ask him to do something fun. If you two are just getting to know each other, I would do something where you can get to know one another. If you play sports, go play a sport. Have a game night with some friends. Go for a walk somewhere. Just something that's not like a hardcore date before you two truly know each other

    • Thanks for the help, (:

  • Wait for him, go for a walk, food, or cinema

  • yeah go for it!


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  • Do not think too much...just to do ...Even if he actual does not like you..accept it ...and don't feel Awkward.this little.still can be friends..do everything that will make you feel happy and comfort...^_^