What are the rules of communication when it comes to guys?

So I've gone on two dates with this guy. He's awesome! We have so much in common, we make each other laugh, he's mature and he's such a gentleman. He works in my area for four weeks at a time, and then has off for two weeks and goes home which is about 2 hours away. we can't hang out much when he's here because when he's working, he's usually on call so its hard to plan time together. We talk a few times a week VIA text and on the phone. He's going home tonight for two weeks and I have to be honest I'm a little worried about this fizzling out.. my instinct is to let him call & text me. I know he has been dying for some time off (4 weeks straight is rough) and I don't want to be bothering him while he's spending time with family. When I like a guy (which is rare) I get excited! I really like talking to him, but I don't want to be up his ass lol so... what are the rules of communication? Advice much needed people


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  • The rules of communication in a relationship or blossoming romance are the same rules in tennis, once you hit the ball over the net to him, you need to wait for him to hit it back. If you use that guideline you will be fine. It is when a girl calls a guy, then texts, then texts again and keeps up contact without a reply on his part that you are doing something that won't work.

    Also, this gives you the opportunity to see the pace and interest level this guy has for you. If he is in to you, talking to you while he is not working should not be a chore or difficult to fit in when he hangs with family. Sorry, but at no time in my adult life have I needed to hang with family so much that I could not talk to a guy. The only time that would be true would be in the case of a guy I just was not in to.

    So, whether you wait for him to start a convo or you try to initiate, that is a personal choice, but in either case, you need to have patience to wait for his reply to anything you send. Good luck!

  • If you find the "rule book" let's burn it! LOL!

    Seriously though, try to take it easy. The more you go after him, the more he'll pull away. Been there, done that. Also, you don't have to answer right away when he calls/texts. Show him you're interested but, not too much. He start treating you like the girl that he knows will always be there. He needs to know your value and start appreciating you.

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