Why would he mention a blind date? If were not exclusive?

A guy that I really like and I have been dating but not exclusive for several months. I brought up being excusive a few months back and he said he wasn't ready so I said OK and started dating other and I assumed he was too (even though he said he wasn't looking for anyone else). Recently he has become more touchy feely and sentimental at times, but than withdrawls right after these episodes before being normal again.

I was OK with the not being exclusive however, If he doesn't want to be than I'm dating others (never mention them to him). He got very bf/gfish the other day and than withdrew a bit the last couple of days and than when we did talk said that he was set up on a blind date, had a terrible time, and it only lasted a half hour to 45 minutes and that he was not happy about being set-up on it or having to go on that brief date with teh girl (he made up an excuse to leave early). don't know if that's true or not because honestly teh date took place several hours away and if he handt mentioned it I would haev never known about it.

My question is why would he mention it? Esp. in the brief phone convo we had? I don't mention my dates and assumed that he was dating others even if he said he wasnt. Is he trying to make me jealous. or feel me out and see what I think, or does it mean nothing? I don't know if he wants to put more space between us by mentioning it or if he was trying to be fully open about datng (but I am not his mother or girlfriend so he doesn't haev a reason to answer to me and tell me). What should I do if anything in regards to it? Should I mention that I am dating or just leave it be and assume he said it just for convos sake, although its weird to mentino.

Thank you

Sorry about the spelling mistakes my keyboard is acting up, apologize again.


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  • To let you know what's going on in his life.

    To let you know he doesn't really want to date other people.

    Would you like to be exclusive?

    • Yes I want to be exclusive, however, when I mentioned it several months ago he said he needed to work things out first so I went back to dating others as well.

      Just not sure if mentioned it because he wants to go further with me or not, because I am a open person and all he would have to do is ask...

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    • Are you content not being exclusive?

      If so, I suppose you wait for him to bring it up since you brought it up last, and that seems important to you.

      If not, then you might as well bring it up again because you want something different than what you have.

    • Content no, but I didn't want to be a nag about it either. Thanks for your help.

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