Twins and me and my friend?

Two weekends ago I spent the entire weekend with a twin named John- his brother alex just broke up with my best friend Anne. I've seen John while being out a few times since then. He doesn't want a girlfriend as he's going to work in another country for the summer so he doesn't wanna be distracted(probably code for shagging other chicks but whatevs). Anyway I've recently been getting close to alex- in only a friend way- we both know it'll only be friends- Anne knows it'll only be friends and I don't know what John knows as he doesn't respond to texts.

So how am I suppose to handle this whole things- it's a lot of pressure to be a friend to alex who's having a really bad time of it and that's why he left Anne- who's having a bad time because she's still in love with alex. And still trying to date John who was dumped by his ex four months ago and is still way hurt.

Soap opera I know

im now very close to the twin I didn't sleep with, friendly and nothing more to the twin I did sleep with and not friends with anne because I talked to a guy she went on a date with when I tried to get a job at his work and she thought I was gonna try and steal him or something... maybe ill be friends with her again but she doesn't seem to trust me with boys I'm not even attracted to


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  • How did this work out?