Would you date a girl with described characteristics?

Would you date a girl:

- cute

- 5" tall

- brown short + curly hair

- smart + decent job (project manager of IT department)

- have sense of humor

- kind-heart (love animal, love kids, and she like to do charity)

- not too needy but will shower you with love

- don't like argument or loud voice

- But she works 14 hours/day. So, she doesn't really have much time for dating.

Would you date her?


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  • You work 70 hrs a week then?

    If you are making good money working such long hours, and if it makes you happy and it helps you with your career, no problem and it'd be fine for dating.

    But, if things were going well I'd need to have a sense if working 70 hrs a week would remain like that forever because then I'd probably not feel OK with it, at some point I want a good balance between work and personal life.

    • absolutely not forever. Just because for few months. I don't have that much energy to work like that forever. I'm gonna die at young age

    • Good, then you sound like a nice date in my book! Good luck and have fun !

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  • no, you lost me at 5 feet tall

  • I'd date her.

  • sorry to say that but not having enough time for him , ud end up being dumped ~ sad but true.

    • :) don't men like more space?

  • yes, and I'm only 5'2" so it doesn't bother me


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