Would you be interested in a bigger girl?

If you have a lot in common with a women, she has a pretty face but is a bit over weight would you be interested? Now say your type of women has always been petite... you have been with bigger women but only as a drunken one night stand...could you see yourself dating someone that has never been in your interest but because you two have so much in common and get along, would you be willing to change?


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  • Sure, I prefer toned girls but I also like curves. As long as I feel like she could be a great person for me and that I am attracted to her, I'd ask her out and be interested to get to know her better. As long as she's not lazy, and that she'll keep herself healthy and keep looking her best for herself and myself, I would be happy to ask her out on a date.


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  • what sort of question is this? are bigger women not human or something? goddamn, I'm voluptuous but still petite does that mean by rights I should only get accosted by fat drunken f***ers, lol. for the record, I've never had any problems attracting decent men, some arsehole's too come to think of it.

    what keeps men away from a woman is her personality & the fear that she seriously belives her "assets" are not good enough. I'd like to shoot every size 0 celebrity in the head at point blank range, yes that would make the world a better place.

    • This has nothing to do with what is better bigger or thin, or if bigger women can get men...I want to know if a guy can change his preference, when all his life he has gone for someone different. I'm not saying certain girls cannot attract certain men...but when men say they are not attracted to them but have so much in common with that person, is it possible for a man to change his preference?

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    • No, I'm not but to say you want to shoot someone in the head for being a size 0 is pretty intense.

    • you're being picky for some reason, if you cannot read between the lines then I'm not spending my time humouring you. if you have issues regarding your weight then post a quesion, it's nothing to do with me.

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