Texting rules: What do you think?

This might sound like a dumb question, but I feel like I need some opinions anyway.

I want to text this guy I'm sort of seeing. Our last convo ended with a text from him. I fell asleep so I didn't respond. The next day, I didn't really think his text really needed a response so I didn't respond. It was not a question or anything. This was over a week ago and we have not talked since.

I don't want him to think I am ignoring him and I also don't want him to think I'm desperate. I want to make plans with him soon because I'd like to see him before I go on Vacation.

Do you think it's my turn to text? Guys: Are you happy when the girl initiates contact?

I hate these texting/calling games and I think my hesitation makes me seem cold and uninterested- and that's not the case!

Opinions please? Thanks.


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  • Text him as much as he texts you. If he texts a lot, text a lot. If not, do so less frequently.

    This is a simple rule I maintain to ensure equality and mutual respect. If a girl wants to play mind games and never returns my texts/calls, I move on.

    There's 7 billion people or so in this world and most of them will never see 5 minutes of my time. I have to be fair to these people, but most importantly, fair to myself.


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  • I truly enjoy it :)

    • At what point do you get annoyed?

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    • Wow, Girls really do that? LOL

    • Happens.

  • i love it when girl starts the txting. it gives confidence to most guys


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  • Just text him. YOU'RE in control of whether you make this a dumb texting/calling game or not. I think most guys appreciate girls who don't get wrapped up in social "rules" like, "The guy should text first," or "Wait two days after the date before contacting him." Plus, I think you're right, he might think you've lost interest since it's been over a week. Tell him you want to hang out :)

  • I am glad that you posted this! definitely in the same situation and I think they aspect us to initiate conversation to show we are interested but then it leaves it like OK well are you interested because your not communicating with me do you know what I mean? But I think they want us too and when we don't and we come off as uninterested and aloof so it confuses them

    • Seriously. I battle with this every time I date someone...How much interest do I need to show? Am I suppossed to be up my guy's ass every single day? I'm used to the guy always initiating something, plus I feel wanted when they do it. I also believe that it's what they should do when interested.. Everyone says that a guy is not interested if he doesn't call, right? Well, WTF! Talk about confused...

  • i think you're over thinking it. If you want to text him, text him.

    • Yes, you are right. I over-think EVERYTHING!