I find, sometimes it's easy to be myself, sometimes, I find it's better to be somebody else.

One year of crying and the words creep up inside.

Well, just wondering if it's okay to date different women at the same time?


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  • well it depend if you see those girls once or twice then you stop its okay , if you date more than one girl for more than that you're player and not seriuos about anyone .

    • I agree. I don't want to be a player, it'll be the first time with these girls. Lookin forward to it.. good experience.

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  • Depends. If you're not committed, then of course,

    but if you're trying to show someone you're into them, dating around is going to be a handicap.


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  • if a woman "likes" you romatically, she will not be willing to share you romantically with anyone else. I mean, honestly, what woman, that likes you or is involved with you romantically is going to say, " have a nice date honey... see you when you get back " -- give me a break -- it's wrong, but that's why men cheat - married or not, they hide the other woman because they know damn well that any woman that is sweet on them isn't going to share them with another woman. matter of fact, you don't even have to date a woman in order for her to get jealous of the other woman. nothing ends a so called "date" faster than a man howling and drooling over the other woman - again, get real - like another woman is going to cuddle and kick back with you while you holla' at your other chick on the speaker phone - it's a deal-breaker at best - even the most desperate and toothless woman would be like " man, I'm still attracted to him, but umm, I'm outta' here " ... women are wired differently that way. they have zero tolerance when it comes to that. so if you're into touchless dating, by all means, go for it.

    PS: men behave the same way, but only if they are in love with the woman.

  • Yes, 100% healthy.


    Dating: Testing driving cars.

    Relationship: Buying that car.

    • Haha , just wondering how long you stay dating them till you buy the car ??

    • Yes, I know, I'm not attached to either of them. But I can't date for too long with both of them. But who knows, maybe I won't like either of them, but if I do and she does... then it's certain that I have to make a choice.

    • You date until the both of you are ready for comitment. Some take weeks others months to years.

  • Well of course, that's what dating is, it's not exclusive.

  • It's okay to date multiple women IF they ALL clearly understand that you're dating multiple women, and you're okay that they can see other guys.