Would a Caucasian male date a black female whom looked like...?

This is more about me, but it seems like 'white' guys don't approach me either because they aren't attracted to me or two, cause I have a very ethnic 'black' look.

You see recently I shaved my head into a low cut and dyed it light brown. From almost everyone I've known I've been getting positive responses.

"Wow you look gorgeous!"

"You shouldn't grow back your hair."

"I'm so going to miss the fro, but this is fierce."

I'm a shade of caramel brown, I've got dark brown eyes, which everyone refers to as intense. All in all people find me attractive, and I think I'm kinda pretty too. But from a white male's perspective, what do you think when you see this kind of woman/girl? And would you ever approach her?


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  • I'm crazy about women with a "very ethnic 'black' look", and I'm far from alone in this. In fact, my girlfriend is from West Africa.


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