What success rate for getting a date do you have?

Girls and guys, how many of the people you've actually asked out on a date or more have said yes?

This isn't just flirted with actually asked them

  • Less than 2.5% (1 in 40)
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  • 2.6 to 10%
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  • 11 to 24%
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  • 25% or greater
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  • I've only asked out 2 people or fewer
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the reason I ask is that I've never had much success when I ask a girl out, and I'd like to find out how other people fare.
well this is alarming so far. It seems most guys are afraid to ask a girl out.

and girls never ask guys out or at least hardly ever.

either that or most people stick with their 1st or 2nd girlfriend or boyfriend.
yes, this is about getting a first date, how you do after that is for another topic.
also if you've asked out 4 or fewer people can you leave a comment saying so, and if you are still with them or not or if they all said no.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Either 0% or 100%, depending on whether you're an optimist or pessimist.

    • LMAO awesome.

    • so you've not asked anyone out yet? don't you have your eye on someone? surely you've spotted a guy you'd like to go on a date with, ask him out already, a good looking girl like you he'd at least be flattered

    • Nope, I haven't asked anyone out. Currently though, I'm not into anyone, so it's okay. And thanks, but I doubt it.

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What Girls Said 4

  • I've never dated :/

  • I asked a guy out got rejected so I'm never doing it again

    • it feels just the same for guys, except the guy also has pressure to do the asking. So girls, when guys ask you, try not shattering the nice ones by doing something like laughing or cringing, or saying eewww.

    • Haha I think I scare them or intimidate them caz only the cocky ones hit on me..except a couple weeks ago he was different and finally a guy that was my type hit on me,well I think I gave him a smilie 1st-usually when a guy hits on me I don't notice him til he says something

      Defeatly that guy that was my type deleted my # for no apparent reason and it was the 1st time I gave my # to a guy that asked usually I just say No

  • I choose a

    • see, some people have a hard time

    • Yea some people have a hard time choosing best answer

  • first date? 100

    but I'm usually shy and quiet so half the time there's no second date. but I have no problems getting dates


What Guys Said 1

  • Every single one.

    • It's not difficult to figure out if a woman wants you to ask her out before you actually ask her out.