Why do I keep thinking about some women always seem to liked to get involved with only my previous relationship?

I know that I can get jealous each time that I sometimes see a women. The women in my college. Were very frustrated to deal , very immature and. They always want for my guys that I did have a relationship and we're fine without the women and tried to get involved with my own relationship with between each guys that was in a relationship until find way to get involved and ruin my relationship with each guys part from one guy. I just wanted to let alone. Same thing happens more with.

Other women were very hot very nasty and was very rude.
The college that I want to was full of learning disabilities men and women. I know that I have a problem with jealous.

I had tried Therapy but it failed. It made me even more worst.

I am not sure. I still having issues when I get in relationship's. there other ways to deal with.. none of women in my college didn't even listen to me or my ex boyfriend.

They didn't even bother with taking alway a ginger guys that I did have a relationship. with while I was in college. Yet he just wanted to be friends with me and after two more relationship and got fed up and starting to look for guys outside of college and my job. Had two more fail relationship after.

Tried online dating and didn't go anywhere. I went back to Facebook and I saw a noticfection on my profile that guy has accepted my friend request and starting talking and learning about each other and yep he has austism.

He was fine to date girls with any type of learning disabilities. My learning disabilities is one of rarest learning disabilities and it called.18-p it genic disorders that my Pettie arm is missing on chromosome.

The guys come out nowhere. When I was having very depressed and was sad that I did see some Rude men and werid homosexually women that trying to force that ways on to me and turn into a homosexually.

I told them I am not interested in women's at all and was only interested in men and will always be interested with men.
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Why do I keep thinking about some women always seem to liked to get involved with only my previous relationship?
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