I really miss a girlfriend in my life and I hate Tinder. What should I do?

Ok the thing is,
I am quite good looking guy, musician and electrical engineer looking for a promising job. I don't consider myself as a loser.
However, I have never been a 'player' in my life. I don't like having unserious relationships and ONS. I mean, I like sex, but to get into the bed with someone and then forget about it - it does not work for me, it kills me emotionally. I just want to meet someone who I really like and I can stay with without the big drama.
The thing is, my friends are mostly in relationships or in similar situation than me - meaning they don't introduce me to any new girls. And I don't seem to find a bigger 'hangup' where I could meet more people.
I have joined several hobby and art groups (not only to meet girls, but people in general and have fun) but all these groups have been quite boring and were finally destroyed due to corona.
The other thing is - I don't seem to connect well with the girls, who don't share similar interests and character as mine. I have few girl friends, with whom I really connected, but they friendzoned me and I just couldn't torture myself anymore, so I cooled it down.
I think in a world where everyone expects you to be 'ok' and 'mature' with all of the emotional shit going on, I might be a bit oversensitive. Every break up or drama kills me a lot. But there is nothing I could do about it, it is my subconcius.
Friends suggested me to use Tinder. But I just find you have to put really a lot of shit into it to find someone even potentially ok, unless you have extreme luck. And you have to deal with the algorithm being jerk. I find it way easier to meet someone in real life.

However, a bit more laid back girls (not looking for action life or ONS) are somehow very hard to find. They don't go to parties often, they are more reserved if you approach them, they don't have a lot of friends, especially guys. And they feel insecure with a direct approach. What should I do in order to actually meet casual girls like this?
I really miss a girlfriend in my life and I hate Tinder. What should I do?
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