How can I get up the courage to tell him that he was my first kiss?

that he was my first kiss?

it was my first week in college and I was so drunk and he was helping me walk and he kissed me. (haha even tho I was so drunk I remember almost every detail)

we had been going on and off with hooking up after that (just making out) but now over a year later we are getting serious about each other and we both like each other.

but I feel like I could never go into a relationship with him because of this secret!

maybe I should just lie if the topic ever comes up? ahh id hate that tho


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  • There's nothing wrong about having your first kiss when you're 18 years old. Not really weird at all. Don't be ambarassed about such small details. Plus, it would make him feel special, so that's a positive thing to say.


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  • If it was me I'd think it was sweet and I would appreciate being told.

  • No...not really..I was probably 17...there is nothing wrong with u...why do you persist in thinking that there is?

    • Totally agreed.

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    • just telling him that I feel like I don't know its so he'd think "wow she hasn't kissed anyone till college?" and I wouldn't know what to say like if he asked "why?" or anything like that. I never had a boyfriend before either and I'm gonna be a junior in college :( its embarassing. its not like I'm ugly or anything people always tell me I should model and I'm gorgeous and blah blah blah.

    • HEY! Life must be GREAT if that is all that is bothering u! Has it ever occurred to you that a lot of males don't want a female that has been "passed around"? How is that you are a junior in college and yet only 18? Listen carefully: kissing, makeing out, sex, intercourse these things do not take brains...stupid people, retards & animals are able to perform...I have confidence in u... he can show you what to do..and if he is ignorant too...why then you can learn together...sounds fun to me...

  • NO...not a problem...tell him...soon

  • DO NOT LIE. if you are caught lying, you are done for. women tell men not to lie, do not be a hypocrite/double standard and lie to him. DO NOT DO IT

    • umm, I didn't have sex till I was 20, most people have sex under 18 now (not necessarily legal or moral) but it still happens. you should be OK with kissing at 18. lol

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