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Should I leave him?

My boyfriend and I are a year apart (I'm 27, he's 26) and he thinks he deserves special treatment for being younger. If he does something wrong, he tells me he's allowed to because he's younger and since I'm 'older' I should correct him for his mistakes.
He even gets mad when I say we don't even have an age difference in the first place and he should act like an adult.

Would it be as though I'm overreacting if I leave just because of this? I know this is nothing compared to other shit, but this narcissistic behaviour is really getting at me.
3 d
I used to think it was a joke - but nope, he goes hours without talking if I say we're the same age.

-He gave me a $100 watch as a Christmas gift, so I thanked him but 6 months later he said I should've known better than to accept that gift coz I'm older. So he made the mistake of giving it to me coz he's younger and naïve, but me being older should have said no.
-Once he said we was sharing a bed with a girl, and his excuse was she is older than him (he was 25 she was 29)
Should I leave him?
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