How can I talk to her?

When I was 11, we had neighbors and they moved like 10 years ago, there was this little girl (she is 2 years younger than me) her brother was a friend of mine but the guy just disappeared later and we disconnected when they moved to another place.
And now last year I saw the girl in a park, and recognized her, I was completely shocked that I saw her after 10 years and she just blew my mind, and as I know she's a good person, she didn't notice me back then, and she's been in my mind for over a year like literally I can't stop thinking about her, and our mothers are friends but don't usually see each other.
Two days ago my mom showed a few of her pictures to me and told me how beautiful she is, I tried really hard to say nothing to her. I only have her instgrm ID and she didn't accept my request to follow last year and I'm sure she didn't recognize me.
And now I'm asking you because I can't talk to anyone people know me as stone heart guy and I can't break myself and it's breaking me deep down,
I don't know whether she's dating someone or not but I don't think so, her parents are very restrictive and I am scared to make a move to talk to her like hell, I remember jumping from 20 meters high to a pool but this is the scariest thing in my life I'm experiencing, neither I can let her go nor I can talk to her and tell my feelings, like there's thousands of obstacles.
This is the only place I mentioned what's happening in my heart and what should I do.
And it seems really stupid for me to suddenly jump into someone's life that haven't seen you in 10 years and tell her that I have feelings to her.
Please someone help me, what should I do?
How can I talk to her?
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