Why am I so freaked out about her?

So this girl and I like each other, I can tell that much. But she lives in Cali and me in Oregon, so we have to communicate long distance until college resumes in the fall. Many of my friends assure me that she does like me, and that if I stay in touch with her over the summer then things will work out (and we will end up dating). While I have no reason to doubt this, I feel constantly paranoid that it won't work out, or at the risk of sounding creeper; lose her (even though we aren't even dating). It has gotten to the point where I feel that I feel like she all of a sudden doesn't like me anymore just because she doesn't seem too talkative over text or some other small detail like that. I really like her and would love to date her, but I need to get over this paranoia/desperation (I don't think I'm a desperate person, I know there are plenty of girls to date and I don't depend on her). What would you guys/girls recommend I do?



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