Should I take to this guy?

I'm 19 years old and fell hard for a guy 25 years old who's a soldier. Things were going great. I was still in University and he lives 3 hours away from where I went to school. Anyways, things were good til Christmas when he told me he has a son. I didn't really care if he did or not though. Then he came and seen me in January and stayed overnight. I haven't seen him since because of my exams and his work. Now that I'm out of classes for summer, he's been away helping with the flooding (at least in May he was). I haven't heard anything from him for 3-4 weeks and I'm really sad. Should I cave yet again and text him what's up? In my second semester at University, communication wasn't near as much as it was at beginning of school year.

He said before that he still wants to get to know me and that maybe we could go exclusive and that we would spend lots of time in the summer hanging out. Then he got called out to help with the flooding and he's gone for 3 months from July to September. I'm so confused about this, like he gave me the impression he wanted to keep in touch, but I haven't heard anything.

What I'm asking is, should I cave and text him or should I endure more heartbreak and continue not to text him. My mom said he's probably over me, and I sadly may have to agree. I haven't really gone through this before (I was a nerd in high school and since being out and at University, I'm still getting used to guys actually talking to me and calling me hot/pretty). I know this is long, but I'm just upset. Please help.

Sorry, title should say TALK (not take)


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  • In my opinion you should definitely text him, because he might be thinking the same, that you are over him.. so give it a try.

    • I really want to, but I don't want to look clingy. And what if he is over me, then I would feel so embarrassed contacting him.

    • well, if he says no, then who cares... I mean, if he is over you, he'll forget about this embarrassing moment.

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