Dating someone in another country?

I was in a South American country doing volunteer work recently. Since Americans love to take pics of everything =)...we saw a group of local military men and took pics with them. We were in a small town and we kept on running into them in the local cafes (there were only 2). We traded emails to practice english/spanish and stay in touch. I am starting to like one of them though, he speaks english fairly well, enough to have a conversation with him. He wants me to come back to his country and visit (so do the other friends-m/f that I met). I want to go back not just for him, but just to go.

Is it wise to date him? I know that I will end up leaving back to my country and all that. But, while I am there is it worth it? We are both 25. Is there anything I should be wary of? Also, mid 2013 I was planning on going back for 6 months or so to learn the language better...after I graduate and before I start my new career.



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  • Go for itc

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