Guys, how can a girl make you happy and want to hang out more?

me and my ex are sort of still seeing each other we broke up a month ago. I sent him a letter acknowledging my faults and what not.

he is way-overworked at the moment 6 x 12 hour days

he doesn't seem happy he ignores his best friends. and seems frustrated even when hanging with me. I don't know what is wrong with him he seems so intense. I asked if he wanted to talk, he didn't seem up for it. so I said id give him a massage instead to relieve physical pain.

how can I make him happy he seems frustrated by everything atm cause of work, and I don't want to ruin are chances of getting back together, he seems to get frustrated when I ask him questions atm, and called me sorry mum. and then apologized for calling me mum. he seems so depressed and it upsets me, I don't want him to feel sad.

any ideas?


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  • wow, I feel like I'm going through such a similar thing. I want to be back with him, and I know he loves me, but he is stressed out and depressed about a lot right now and wants space to work on himself. he said the only way he will feel good about the two of us is if he feels good as an individual. basically, all I feel I am able to do is respect his want for some time and space, but also let him know I support him and not give him a hard time. that is what I've been doing, and though we are not back together, I feel it is the best I can do at the moment. just don't be pushy. let him know you are there for him if he wants to talk. I think he will want to spend time with you when he starts 1) feeling better about himself and NOT leaning on you for happiness, and 2) after that happens, he will possibly think of you as a comfort since you were there for him while his crappy situations were happening.

    • hey yeah I've been hard on him, pushy impatient and insecure. which were the reasons he broke up with me. it cuased too many fights.

      i just can't be happy and jolly around him, becuase I'm upset about the break up and stressed about my uni work atm. and I'm insecure and worried he will go off with someone else int he meantime.

      i keep pushing him further away. :(

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    • thats a good point, I just keep meeting up with him every Friday becuase I don't want him to go home with anoyone else?

    • yeah girl, I sure know that feeling. its so hard to not do it when you WANT to see him, but I really think that if you want him to be able to think clearly about not having you at all, you should not be so available. I'm not even one to talk, because I've seen my ex pretty much any time he wants because he's been depressed and I want to be there for him, so he hasn't really gotten a feel for what its like to not have me around and I think guys need to feel that sometimes.