If he doesn't want to be with me, why does he still call and text me?

I've been seeing this guy intimately for three months. We have our up and down but we usually work it out. So for couple weeks he stop texting and call me so I guess he moves on. Couple day ago he texted me ask where I work at...I know he know the answer. Then later he texted me if I was busy and I told him yeah. The next day he texted to see if I want to go over to see him and I said no. Today earlier he called me because he was sick and he needed me to go pick him up to take him to the doctor. which I did. Later I texted him to see if he wants me to go over and check on him. He was like no thanks don't come over. I knew he is with another girl...why keep calling me when you don't want to date me?


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  • Guys come back to girls that put out. Stop putting out and see what happens.

    • see as hanging out that it. I stop sleeping with him because I don't want to be attached to him.

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    • Good sticking to your guns. I hope it works out for ya!

    • Haha I am a firm believer that once he is gone and there are no ways he'll come back to me. I don't think is going to work. If we become friends that a great but I don't think he can't be my friend too much attraction between us. He just can't stop dating other girls that all.

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