How long should it take from you guys to call after a first date?

here is the scenario the guy and the girl are out in a first date, it went very well a lot of laughing and fun the date was supposed to last two hours but it went over 4 hours which means that both of them had fun, before the girl goes home she thank him for the nice time, and He asks her if they she minds if they do it again? she said of course not ! if all of this is a good sign, how long she should wait for his call/texts and if he didn't call during the next day or days after, is it a bad sign?


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  • why dot you call him. he asked if you could do it again. so call him.

    if you are afraid hell think its a problem if you call, maybe he is not that great a guy. who needs games. your already worrying about what everything means. get used to standing up for yourself. don't be afraid to see what's up. that's my opinion. you can do w.e you are comfortable with tho.