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Are these good signs?

There's this girl I've been friends with for about 4 years now, and I'm really interested in her.

We've been talking quite a lot recently, and I told her about movies I thought was great, and she proposed that she come over the day after our exams to watch one.

Recently she's also asked me to help her with her personal statement (she's applying for med school) and she also called me out to lunch recently when she happened to be nearby.

Like I said, we've been talking quite a bit, and there's also been some messaging.

However, I'm not sure whether I'm just a friend (and whether the friend zone really exists for me to be stuck in it) or if there's any hope of this becoming something more. She's a really good friend, and I'd love to be more than friends.

Any opinions on whether these signs are good, and also what I can do to take our relationship further would be nice.

I'm also happy to provide any other details =)

Are these good signs?
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