Are these good signs?

There's this girl I've been friends with for about 4 years now, and I'm really interested in her.

We've been talking quite a lot recently, and I told her about movies I thought was great, and she proposed that she come over the day after our exams to watch one.

Recently she's also asked me to help her with her personal statement (she's applying for med school) and she also called me out to lunch recently when she happened to be nearby.

Like I said, we've been talking quite a bit, and there's also been some messaging.

However, I'm not sure whether I'm just a friend (and whether the friend zone really exists for me to be stuck in it) or if there's any hope of this becoming something more. She's a really good friend, and I'd love to be more than friends.

Any opinions on whether these signs are good, and also what I can do to take our relationship further would be nice.

I'm also happy to provide any other details =)


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  • Hm, that's tough. Girls are pretty expressive people, it's true some women can be more reserved but generally, if they are into you in a romantic way, they'll look at you a certain way or be blushy or give some sort of sign that you have piqued their interest beyond friendship signals. It's also true that when you really like someone, sometimes you see what you want to see and not what's really there, so you might also read into something too much that isn't anything. Have you noticed anything that gives you reason to be optimistic there might be a chance? If she's just asking you to help her write papers and sends you a text or talks to you every now and then, that sounds pretty uneventful. It's hard because you don't want to change the friendship if you are enjoying it as is, but if you are really that interested and think she may be up for it, see if she wants to join you for dinner. Good luck!


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  • It's on the right track. I have a few guy friends that I've been good friends with for a long time, but it's more in a flirty, I would've been down to hook up (when I was single) kind of scenario. Use the time spent with her to be more flirty and progress things. See how she acts.

  • You will never know unless you ask or take the initiative. From what you wrote, nothing seems to be bad for you two to pursue, unless she has explicitly told you flat out it wasn't going to work. If nothing like that came up, you should go for it and see what happens. Good luck.

  • have you tried to touch her in a flirty way?

    • I'm not sure how to touch her in a flirty way without scaring her off honestly.

      She's not the kind of girl who really flirts around or anything like that, and I think she's a bit self-conscious.

    • just bump into her as your walking beside her and don't say sorry right away. and also see how she reacts when your in her personal space.

  • It sounds like it's going well. I think you should ask her on a date. Nothing too fancy, just go do something you both enjoy and see where the night goes from there.

    • Any suggestions how to ask her on a date? Or should I just ask her to do something with me?

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  • You are at a crucial crossroads here.

    Play your cards right FWB.

    Play your cards wrong 'LETS JUST BE FRIENDS!'

    Flirt with her, make sure you try to kiss her at some point when you meet. If it doesn't work, you can be friends and she'll be flattered anyway.

    Either way try to get in there :)

    • Thanks... but I'm going for a proper relationship, not FWB.

    • Stop looking for a relationship, it will APPEAR desperate.

      At this stage go with the flow mate, she likes you.. You WILL mess it up if u're 'going for a prope..r'

      She either likes u.

      I think she likes you; bar her saying it they is nothing else she can do.. So you need to man up and up the moves.

      U seem passive,

      'told her about movies..' lame way to ask a girl out.

      Messaging for a while and you don't know where you stand.. lame again on your point.

      FOUR YEARS lame again,