He used to flirt and now doesn't even talk to me?

He used to flirt with me and now he ignores my msgs and doesn't talk to me anymore. He graduated last week and I sent him a message on FB and he is ignoring my msg.

could any one tell me why ?

I really like him and I thought he liked me but I guess not :(


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  • First...if he just graduated he most likely has family, friends, parties and many things this week. But if he has access to his FB from his phone or any other device and has posted things he is ignoring you. Either it be intentional or too busy.

    This happened to me a year ago, a friend turned interest by him pursing me was excited about me finally saying yes to his interest-emails, texts, message on FB. Than nothing for a week, I hit him up w/a casual text. His response "Sorry, driving to a bachelor party". Nothing from him, on my FB wall he was tagged in pic of a girl in his lap dated the week I didn't hear from him. I didn't say word I just deleted some comments I had left and delete him as a friend. It took him 3mths to notice and email me. I chewed him out and said get lost... he apologized and said he made a mistake but understood that I had a point that it doesn't take much to send some kind of communication w/today's technology -"I miss you" or "I'm not interested in you".

    Either way I think men are cowards that ignore women. Wish ya luck

  • i guess he lost interest