Date a guy who played you?

OK Girls if you started Talkiing to a guy and you started to like him and you found out he played you would would you think and would you still consider datin him?


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  • No. he needs to grow up I feel like

    • so you would judge them just cause they play YuGiOh?

    • yes I would

    • Wow I bet you would never even know unless he told you

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  • No, I'm not a god damn baby-sitter.

  • No, I'm finished con los juegos y todo the other bullsh*t when it comes to dating. Obviously, some people cannot let go of the High School mentality.

    • High School thing? If you would judge someone on how they spend a few days of the month then you are the one that needs to grow up

    • and might I add its not even a entire day maybe like 3hours

    • Oh, I thought she said he *played you* not that he played yugioh. I thought it was a typo

  • welll that depends how old he is... lmao

    • I have seen like 40year olds play it lol its a thinking game

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    • no I never seen anyone over 15 play pokemon lol its a lot different then that

    • then how is it different...

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