How to Ask Him to Call me?

I've been dating this guy for 4 months now. We started sleeping together a month ago, and we agreed to do that exclusively with each other. He's great, I like him a lot. We see each twice a week, sometimes once a week because of his work. But, between 'dates' he rarely calls me (or texts) just to say hi but I wish he would. How do I ask him to do this without sounding needy? I was thinking of something like..."do you enjoy being with me? If so, how come you never call between dates especially when we go a whole week without see each other" OR, should I not say anything at all, because he should only do this if of his own 'free will' or not at all? Please advise. thanks.


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  • If the guy goes an entire week without callin ya, but then he's on-the-spot for nasty-time, you don't need me to tell ya you have a problem.


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