Should I ask him to hang out or just confront him? (He's shy)

The guy I like is really shy. He's always texting me asking what I'm up to or would randomly make conversation, but when he sees me, he acts distant and awkward, yet he looks at me alot.

We hung out a couple of times already. The first was with a group of friends, in which he was super shy, the next was just us where he was completely comfortable around me, and the third with friends again where he sort of acting comfortable, but talked to my other friends more than me.

He hasn't asked to hangout since, yet he still texts me and tries to act like everything is fine. He even hinted at hanging out, but this time I was oblivious to notice lol

I asked my friends for advice. Some said I should just mention when the next time we'll hangout, while others say I should be direct and approach him and just ask where this is going, and why he hasn't asked me to hangout on a proper date yet.

So what should I do? Guys, or shy guys, if you liked the girl but was afraid to make the move, which option would you rather have? Girl just being direct so you could finally admit you like her too, or her asking to hangout?


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  • If you like him, perhaps ask him to join you, but make it just the two of you. I've had female friends whom I had a mutual interest in offer to "hang out", but when I asked who else was coming, it was just the two of us. For me, I prefer the more intimate setting and would be more confident and conversational if it was just you and not other people I may not know as well and might be afraid they'd judge me.

    Personally, I'm always for girls making a move if the guy won't. Why leave your happiness to chance? My ex-fiancee approached me as did my current girlfriend. I'm wondering if I should just keep waiting for girls to come to me, since my best relationships have been when I'm the approachee. :D

    • Also, especially if he's shy, he won't make a move in public (when others are watching) or in a group (where there are multiple guys who may try and act macho to show off for their friends by mocking his shy come-ons), so get him alone where he can be confident. Maybe he's shy overall or maybe he's just afraid to be embarrassed.

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