Should I continue trying?

So I am a recent high school grad, so is this girl. I've asked her out before but she said she just wanted to be friends. Then we started hanging out alot, we went to Prom together just as friends. We text each other everyday. I've talked to her on the phone for 3 hours once. Usually the conversations last 1 hour. When I'm over her house and were watching a movie we tend to cuddle. We hang out pretty much everyday. Then one day I confronted her. She told she didn't want to ruin the friendship, that we've been friends for so long and that if we started going out it would change everything. How should I deal with this situation? Should keep hanging out with her and do all that other stuff?


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  • I think you should hang out with her as a friend, but dating her is not a possibility since that's not what she wants from you


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