Guys, what day to day things are a turn-on when you are dating a girl?

(I mean nonsexual turn-on stuff.)

What things about a particular girl attract you, specifically when you are first starting to date her on a regular basis?

What can she do to be someone you want to keep dating more and more?


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  • Sense of humour, love of music (a good singing voice works for me personally) and a friendly, outgoing nature keep me coming back. Not to sound like a salesman, but try and think about your Unique Selling Points instead of what someone wants.

    • Okay. Thanks for your ideas.

  • It really depends on the guy and his interests. But typically if a guy wants to keep on dating a girl, its all about the shared interests. Plus don't just reveal everything about your self. Also a guy can always tell if a girl is trying and trying too hard. Show interest but study him to try to find out what interests him and play around with that. I.E. sports, music, movies. Most people are suckers for common interests.

    • So would it be okay to start reading a book that he said he liked? I would not have wanted to read the book before he mentioned it, but now I'm curious to see what he likes in certain books.

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