He asks me to the movies -- is it a date?

Met a guy at a social event. We talked and laughed -- we have a lot in common, especially a passion for films. The chemistry was very...friendly, like we hit it off...but more as buddies? Anyway, he texts me the week after to ask if I'd like to go see a film because none of his friends want to see this movie with him. So I said sure, but I suggested a Saturday instead because of work commitments so it's just easier to meet on Saturday. He said he'd be busy the next couple of Saturdays, so how about Friday? So I agreed to. Is this just hanging out or a date? He said none of his other friends want to see it with him so that makes me think that I am the last resort? Also, he doesn't want to meet on a Saturday it seems...so I feel like he's making sure that I understand it's NOT a date? Since Saturday seems more datey. Idk. What do you think?


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  • well I can tell he kinda likes u, so if you like him back then its a date , if not , then its a hangout~


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