"We should go on a date sometime"

So, I have been getting back in touch with my ex boyfriend. We broke up more than a year ago, and we have been on and off texting, but now we've been staying in touch and I feel like we are understanding each other better and now we are really keeping each other around. So I randomly texted him at 2:30am yesterday, here is the conversation!

ME: <3

HIM: what's that for? :)

ME: Just felt like it :)

HIM: Lol :) So watcha up to?

ME: Just crashing in my basement with Morgan, hbu?

HIM: Just watching a movie on BET ha ha :)

ME: So we bouttt to chill this summer? :)

HIM: Of course we are :) lol

ME: Alright :) You and I should go on a date sometime.

HIM: Alright where would you like to go :)

ME: Hm, I have to think about it.. but I will definitely let you know sometime :)

HIM: Somewhere nice obviously :)

ME: Hahah obviously ;) What would you consider nice?

HIM: Like Camaratas and Salvators Lmao :)

ME: Lmao. :) Lets definitely do it up sometime

HIM: Oh we will :)

ME: Ha hah fantastic. And might I add, I love how they are both Italian :) lol ( I said that because I'm 100% Italian by the way )

HIM: Ohh well what do ya know :) Isn't that a coincidence ;) Hahah

ME: Lol very much so! ;) hahah we have good taste :)

& that is where it ended because he probably fell asleep, seeing as it was 3:46am! Lol. But guys, I would appreciate your insight on where you think this is going :) Tell me what you think on this conversation please! Do you think he liked that I mentioned going on a date? :) P.S. we've never been on a date together before.


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  • who knows? until you actually go on the date, it's all talk. next time, don't leave it at sometime, actuallyname a date