What should I do??

Well I have dated this girl 8 times, had really good times with her but last night we spoke on the phone and she said some things which really got to me. I asked her what was going on between us because she doesn't want a boyfriend but we are somewhat together so I wanted to know what the situation was. She said we like each other we like meeting up we have fun together, get over it. Then she went on to say the only reason I kissed you when we first kissed was because you kept going on about it and it seemed easier than repetitively refusing. This was when we were out clubbing near the beginning and it really offended me and it seemed completely unneccessary to bring up something that happened so long ago, and I didn't see it as me pestering her anyway. She then said she likes to keep me on my toes and says things to make me jealous for that end, which ultimately just annoys me. She gets annoyed if I tease her in a playful way but says she likes to wind me up because its so easy(not nice tho). She texted apologising about being rude in the call but I was still annoyed and I texted her this morning saying I was annoyed yesterday because of what you said for example that kissing remark. She said was it just the kissing remark that annoyed you and I said no that was just an example. Now she hasn't texted me in like 6 hours and I'm worried I have done something wrong. Any advice would be nice


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  • She sounds like she's all over the map. Do you really want to be caught on this chick's rollercoaster?

  • This girl doesn't seem too commited to your relationship, so you shouldnt waste any more time. Tell it to her straight because maybe she likes you but has issues. You should tell her how you feel. If you want to be her boyfriend, let her know. If you care a lot about her let her know. Let her know how you felt when she was rude to you on the phone. And if she admits that she's sorry and wants to make it work but doesn't know how, well then its a situation where both of you can sit down and talk about your relationship and how to move it forward. If she doesn't want a relationship still, well then you should walk. You shouldnt have to be anybody's boytoy, because I'm sure there's some girls out there that you deserve and that deserve you.and you're wasting time on somebody that you don't deserve and that doesn't deserve you. So be clear on what she wants first, because to me she sounds pretty confused, and then make a final decision from there.

    • Thanks, she is quite confused, she gets annoyed whenever I bring up the boyfriend/girlfriend conversation. We have been dating for about 2 months but she says, 'I don't want a boyfriend at the moment but want to get to know you better and will give you my work I won't do anything with anyone else.' She says she treats me like a boyfriend and I just can't understand why she won't let us be official. She just snaps at me if I bring up the conversation so I have stopped now, well after last night lol should I wait a few weeks?

    • What you should do is just let her know that you like her, and you want a relationship. Then don't mention it again. When she's ready she will come to you and let you know. I personally don't think you should continue being her kinda boyfriend lol. You should have an all or nothing attitude. She obviously needs a little time and space to realize that. And chances are if you're absent in her life, she'll see what she's missing. If she doesnt, then it wasnt meant to be in the first place.

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