I'm getting mixed messages?

So first date saturday night. It seemed to go pretty well, conversation flowed smoothly. However, I had to rush away because my parents are idiots, so it didn't end in any special way.

I called him after, but he didn't pick up. He's been telling me his phone is spastic for months.

So I gave him 24 hrs and then I emailed him, mentioning my attempte, apologising for leaving so quickly and then saying it was fun and suggesting we do that again. He replied almost right away, but all he said was that he agreed that it was fun (with an exclamation point); he neglected to say anything else other than that he was home before curfew and it was fine (I had asked about that too.)



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  • First of all you are both waiting on these stupid dating rules lol.24 hours make them wait.blah blah blah.if you like the guy just ask him to do something again.


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