What do blokes look for in a ladies online profile?

So I see loads of blokes profiles saying things like "not interested in one night stands" "if you pic shows you naked, semi naked or breasts hanging out move along I'm not interested".

Yet we know that men are driven firstly by sex, sexual images etc, its how your made up, its natural for you.

So why do you state the above, is it to play on a girls heart strings and reel her in?

I do strongly believe a lot of blokes do just basically say what they think a girl wants to hear in order to reel her into a false sense of security and get them to goal (sex) quicker as most guys I have met and friends have met still try and get in your knickers on the first date.

So what do you want to see on a ladies profile?


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What Guys Said 1

  • some guys will say this also because they don't want you to cheat on them. we don't have a problem with you being flirty with us but if you are flirty with everyone you may cheat. also no guy wants to date a girl that is gona use him. so what I would do is post the pictures you want and that make you feel attractive. but asure the guys in some way (your own way) that you won't play on them. guys also do like a sweet romantic girl who likes to cuddle. so show this side also. putting your hand on a guys shoulder, telling the guy you like him are all major turn ons. you can be sexual also. he will love that but make sure your only sexual with him. the guys writing not interested in one night stands have probobly been cheated on by girls.


What Girls Said 1

  • sweety no. don't go and kiss him!, if ur really tired of waiting for him to make the first move, you should tell him to come and hang out with you or with you and frnds and stuff, then when you 2 get alone at the mean time, let him kiss, its a girl thing, you can make guyz do wut you want them to do, when you grow up u'll understand, but don't you do it first

    • Think your comment is on the wrong question!