Why do you think that females are vastly less "direct" than males?

To be frank, most of the reasons that guys say "girls play games" is because females seem to be A LOT less direct than males, as if they're afraid of taking a definitive position on a subject for whatever reason. This type of female in ? will give an answer that is "wishy-washy", thus their answer denotes nothing in regards to the ? asked.

I'm certain that whoever reads this knows where I'm somewhat coming from.

I'm asking the members on GaG...why do you think these types of females behave this way? Please keep it clean; no flaming & no overly-offensive comments, please. :)


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  • Lots of the advice that women get is conflicting. We get advice on going and getting the guy, however, we get so much back that tells us to basically not "scare the guy off."

    Some girls are raised to be people pleasers and to be lady like.

    The rest are raised to be themselves, and as we look through how to get a mate and keep them, the advice is the same- "do this, don't do this if you don't want to scare them off." It tends to end up being - don't nag, don't bug them, don't call to soon, don't say the wrong thing, don't complain too much, and over and over. After a while, you start to feel like your best bet is to just not say anything at all.


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  • When it comes to politics, statistics, theories, jokes, and things that bother me, I don't fluff.

    In regards to everything else, like telling stories, asking silly questions, and talking about random stuff/giving advice I do talk in a very indirect manner.

  • because men freak out if women say what they want. name one magazine or dating book, that tells women to be direct. not direct after playing silly games. or direct once they land the guy. but direct point blank- from the start., none. they do not exist. everything is geared towards women being subtle, coquettish ,demure ,playful, modest ,gentle ,unassuming, submissive. Women are told every second of the day to play games. So many do,. I do not I take great pleasure in not playing games. and that does not mean you can't have a conversation) I am sure others do not, but many do. then guys complain women play games. and if they do not. they are called too assertive too dominant. she males desperate pushy needy clingy . etc etc

    ACTION REACTION. If you want women to be direct, respect them when they are.

    As far as women talking to talk, men talking to give information, this is bs. If you are telling a story you give detail, if you are telling directions you give detail. Most dialogues requires detail. And I have never seen an example if a guy who just talked to give info except on commercials- where they burp drink bear fart & say so what's the score.

    All my guy friends talk. alot. My dad talks alot. My uncle talks alot. Every guy who I have known or seen I have seen talking. Human beings talk.

    Where are these guys who talk only to give or receive info. Certainly not texting on gag.

  • Because women think men will get it if she puts it into hints. But they never do. Men are direct because that's all they really know and if they do try to be mysterious or subtle, it never works. They just get tangled up in it.


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  • Most males communicate to exchange information. Most females chatter just to chatter. It's mostly drivel to me.

    I think it boils down that most females are submissive, and long for a dominant male. Their "wishy-washy-ness" is a sh*t test really to screen out the weak males, and they don't even know they're doing it. Girls "playing games" = sh*t testing.

    Most women on here will detest this, but almost all of them will tell you they hate an indecisive man, or a "weak" man. They want to be lead. Hence most being less direct.

    It's hard to explain with limited characters, so I'll give a small example of an issue that comes up on a regular basis.

    Male: What do you want to eat?

    Female: I dunno...hmmm...what sounds good to you?

    Male: Tacos.

    Female: Well...I dunno...tacos don't sound good.

    Male: Then what do you want?

    Female: I dunno...nothing really sounds good.

    Male: Fuggit. I'm eating tacos. You can join me if you want.

    Female: Ok. Tacos sound good.

  • women get pleasure from talking, men do it to communicate. being less direct leads to longer conversations...just a theory haha

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