Is it too late at night to text her?

I have texted this girl a a few time and we went on a sort of double date type thing with us, her friend, and someone her friend is also talking to. I went on vacation last week and said that the Monday I get back (tomorrow) she should come over to swim. She was like yeah that would be fun. So today I have been really busy and completely forgot to text her. It's not 1 at night and I see that she's on Facebook chat but I still feel weird starting a conversation at 1 at night. I've heard some people say texting too late might make them think they are a booty call. Is it too late at night to text her if she's online?


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  • No , Maybe she is waiting on you to text her .


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  • i wouldn't text her that late this early on. I think you should text her later today and say hi and go from there. don't apologize for forgetting and if she says anything just be like I figured you were gonna text me and when you didn't I figured you didn't want to come over and make it seem like you were really busy...she may actually like this.

    tell her that you'll take her out and have a good time. if she doesn't respond then just have fun and go about your day,.