I don't think I like hanging out with my friends?

I feel like I have to hang out with my friends, instead of me wanting to hang out with them. Like the only reason I do hang out with them is because I think that's the normal thing to do, and I know that if I don't they will eventually stop talking to me altogether. I don't hate being with them, but it just feels like more of a chore, and I don't really enjoy myself when I am with them. I do like hanging every once in a while, but it's like I can only stand it for maybe 2 hours before I am wanting to leave. I think my question is should I continue to put up with trying to fake a friendship, or should I just stop hanging out with them. I am not very social, so I have very few friends. But I feel like I don't have a lot in common with them. Nearly all of the times we get together are to play music (we're in a band sort of). I am trying to move in the next month or so, and am looking to room with some other people, in hopes that I can become friends with them. I don't know why but it seems like all of my current friends are people I don't like to hang out with much. Should I be trying harder to hang out with them, even though I really don't enjoy it? Or should I hang out with them less, which would mean I would be alone very often, which I don't really mind, but I do like having others to hang out with every once in a while.


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  • keep hanging out with them because its better than not having any friends, that's just really depressing. Try however at the same time to get new friends, try other types of people like maybe girls or forgeiners or a different social group or whatever. :) There are friends out there for everyone.

  • Hang around places where people who have similar interests go for a good time.

    For example; I like electronic music so I go to weekly shows at a downtown club, I've met tons of cool people there who are interested in the same music as me.

    If you like exercise go to the gym. If you're religious join a church group. If you like xbox, start a club or something, etc.