Boy that said no to date, but said he was in love with me?

so there's this boy that I like (what a surprise ;p),I met him because he worked for 2 weeks with my dad. he seemed very nice but I had never really time to talk to him because he was working of course. when we did he always smiled and was a bit nervous. after these two weeks I added him on Facebook and asked him to send me a text, he did and we've been texting +/- 2 times a week since then, so everything went fine but I was the one who was texting first, he did say 'sweet dreams' every time I said goodnight (here it is not so common to say that to someone you don't really know) he is a bit shy, I saw him looking at me once and when I looked back he turned his head very fast.

what made it even better is that his aunt told me that he had fallen in love with me so I asked him out, surprisingly he said no without any further comment, I met him on a party two weeks ago and he seemed very happy to see me but we didn't get the time to talk. I'm just really confused by this guy, does he still like me? but why did he said no (he could have been busy?) and I stopped texting him two weeks ago, he still hasn't text first, should I text him again or should I wait a bit?

wauw this is a long story but please can anyone say there opinion?

(and sorry for any mistakes I'm dutch :p)


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  • i don't think he is at all. he hasn't shown any signs that he is