Am I wasting my time on him?

So started messaging this guy back in December, met a couple of times in a group thing, messaged quite a bit throughout the Christmas week and he seemed keen and interested. But then after NY the messages sort of dwindled, now I put this down to being back at work and he was going through some personal stuff too. Manged a couple more meets in Feb, going for walks, and kissed at the end of one. We exchanged a couple of pics and I thought it was going well but then 2 weeks went I didn't hear from him and that how it seems to be now. Could go 2 - 4 weeks without hearing from him, then I will message. This is where my insecurity comes in, thinking why isn't he messaging me. I did send a message a while back saying I really like you, are you interested in me, no hard feelings. He replied saying he liked me too... So why don't I hear from him? I worked up the courage to ask him if you would like to meet for a drink? And to my surprise he said yes, it was a lovely evening. But am I wasting my time with someone who isn't interested in me?
10 mo
To add more confusion to the matter... I swiped right on him on pof months ago and then last month he swiped right on me so we were a mutual match. Just confuses me.
Am I wasting my time on him?
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