Online dating is for the birds!!

The guy I'm seeing figured I was checking on him and hid his account. I think he blocked me too. I just saw him back online AGAIN! Unhidden this time. Why the hell is he acting like I'm the girl for him? I f'ing" hate him. Why do people do this? :(

Before anyone asks, I'm not logging on the site anymore. I searched for him offline through google. I know it's a bit stalkerish but, I need to know who I'm dealing with. You can never be too sure with these online people


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  • I don't know why but I just reactivated my online dating account last night. I find those sites cause a lot of unnecisary drama considering a lot of people on those sites just like playing games. I only reactivated mine because I have a hard time find girls to ask out and when I do I get to nervous when the time comes. I think online dating is here to stay. Its easier to get ahold of people and meet people but they come with differant sets of problems.

    • Yea. Tell me about it. It's a good way to meet people but, when you click with someone both people should focus on each other offline. Right?

    • Yes, I haven't really found much success with online dating but one girl did ask me out on there but I respectful declines because she was old enough to be my mother lol. But if you two hit it off you should be able to share the same interests you had when you meet. Sometimes it doesn't work out but sometimes you get the feeling the other person isn't putting much effort into the realtionship.

    • LOL @ old enough to be your mom. Some people online are just looking for hook ups. No real intention of relationship building. I'm sticking to the old fashioned way from now on.

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  • My believe that people(male) online just looking for sex and sex. I decided to try online dating because I was bored. I had over 200 guys just asking me to have sex with them. When I changed my status to dating and no sex...I had no one approach me period.

    • Wow! That's insane. My profile said long term, I had tons of messages and picked one guy. We hit it off and have dated for just over a month so far. He STILL logs on that damn site. UGH!

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    • Does he give you excuses why he is online often? my friend he told he is networking because he does tattoos. Are you guy exclusive yet? If not he can still go online looking for girl. Why don't you just talk to him because he can explain to you more. My guy friend told me that if we are not exclusive I can't tell him what to do.

    • He says he's not seeing anyone else. Just looks at his messages and doesn't talk to anyone. Don't know how much I believe that. He acts like he's into me. He said all his friends and siblings are married /have kids and he wants the same. He also will cuddle with me without trying to have sex even though we already have.