Saw my boyfriend on a dating site, should I be upset?

me and my boyfriend have been together for about 6 months. we love each other, he's the perfect guy for me. but I was browsing around on his computer, and saw that he was on a dating profile website. he started it before he met me (which is fine), but I noticed a month ago he messaged a couple ugly girls but all he asked them was how they were. WHY did he do that though? should I be mad? or is this nothing? I read the messages that he sent to some other girls a while ago, and they're all pretty innocent. nothing dirty, just small talk... but it still is weird to me.

i noticed he's rarely on it... the last time he messaged anyone was a month ago so it's not like he's on it daily checking his messages... but I'm just curious to as why he's still using it?


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  • I can certainly see why you are upset. I would be too. I don't think it matters "why" he is still on it, it is just "that" he is on it. Right? Because when you discuss it with him, and you need to because this is going to eat you alive, he is going to tell you it nothing & not to be worried. What else can he say?

    I am sure he is going to tell you, & remember this, that he is "checking on friends that he made."

    Now you can accept this & move on, or you can accept this & ask him to cancel this account and move on.

    I would not advice telling him to do it. It should be his choice. Be ready to explain checking his computer.

    Good luck


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  • sounds like you need to raise the topic gently, and then keep the channels of communication open

  • lol 'browsing' his computer.

    You were snooping.

    • snooping... browsing sure call it what you will however, if you saw an open diary would you not at least glance at it, human nature. But even so... would you be upset to see a girl you were dating periodically messaging random dudes even if the message were harmless. Does she or he have the right to be angry cause you caught them sending messages on a dating site? Fair question

    • Innocent messages a month ago? I wouldn't be freaking.

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  • First thing's first: Don't say the girls are ugly. It's not their fault and you sound petty.

    I think you should talk to him. There's a problem if he still goes on it. It is a DATING site, one with one specific purpose, after all. Are you two true to each other?

  • Maybe he is doing it as an ego boost. Seeing if other girls find him attractive. Not making excuses for him because it is still hurtful but your question is asking why and that is all I can think of if he is not on there to cheat.

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