Aftermath of my (18M) first date with my college crush (19F): What should I do?

Keep in mind that at this point we’re relatively good friends. We’ve had conversations about pretty personal topics like family, previous guys she’s dated, and her friends, so it’s been fun.

So basically we had a really fun first date (we called it hanging out, but we hung out alone) this past Friday, we just kept it simple: we got food, and I showed her around my area. I got the vibe that she had a fun time. We’re both shy people, but we maintained a good conversation flow, and she responded well to my flirting. She confirmed that she had a good time after the date around an hour after I texted her to follow up.

On Saturday, I started a conversation bringing up the idea of a potential second date. She replied around 3 hours later saying that she’d need to figure out her schedule for this week, but she’d let me know when she knew her availability cuz she may have work. We proceeded to have a convo for around the next hour on her family, one of the main topics we discussed on her date, as well as her dog, before she her shift started at work.

Here’s the weird thing: she hasn’t responded to my texts since this convo, and I know that she’s been pretty active on social media, because I see her commenting on her friends’ posts, and her snap score went up by 400 in the past two days.

I’m a bit confused atm since I thought everything seemed good. She has said in the past that she’s terrible at responding to texts and snaps, and she’s always apologized for taking too long to respond, but I just have a bad feeling rn. Maybe I’m just overthinking this but I don't know.

Any advice would be appreciated y’all!

TLDR: had a fun first date with my college crush and friend; tried to make plans for second date, but she said she needs to get her schedule first for the week before making definitive plans. We had a nice convo before she had to leave for work. Hasn’t replied to my texts or snaps since then, but has been active on social media. What should I do next?
Aftermath of my (18M) first date with my college crush (19F): What should I do?
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