Does my gay coworker want to sleep with me?

I work with this girl and and at first I didn’t really notice her. We have boyfriends but She’s always been helpful. I started working 2 months ago and in June I got my hair straightened and she stared at me. A few weeks ago we had a busy day at work and she was being rlly nice. I was smiling at her and she was smiling back. I was talking to another coworker and she interrupted us. She always comes near to where I am. we were having a conversation and she told me where she was from and said she wanted to go back because the people here “sucked” she was playing with her hair the whole time. I was looking for something in the back and she came back there and talked and looked at me. When I was walking through the door she was ahead and I was carrying a tiny box and she stopped what she was doing and held the door for me. It was sweet. Before she would always ask how I’m doing whenever I came into work. I really don’t know if she’s bi but she has tattoos down both arms and played softball. Also she just gives those vibes lol and I’m good at picking those up. She’s the new manager. She dosent talk to me at all anymore and talks to the other coworkers on the sales floor. I’m a cashier. It makes me jealous. I caught her staring at me yesterday from across the store twice. She comes near me a lot. Last week I bought something from the store and she checked me out. She caught me staring at one of her tattoos and we made eye contact and I looked down. I told her I was going to go to the back and get my stuff and she followed me. she made me put some candles up and I asked her where I should put them and I had an attitude when I asked. She ignored me at first then told me what to do. I catch her staring from across the store a lot. We started being nice again and she let me leave early and she said bye to me when I was leaving. why does she act like this? She stares and always looks like she wants to talk. I’m a girl too. Was she flirting? How do I subtly flirt?
Does my gay coworker want to sleep with me?
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