If he doesn't like why does he keep texting me?

I met a guy through my cousin about 2 months ago because we went out on a double date. That same night we slept together, which was probably not the best idea. Since then he's been txting or calling me. Last weekend he came down to visit with some friends. We ended up getting a hotel room and partying until 7 in the morning. I remember asking him if he liked me and he said yes and if he didn't he wouldn't have drove almost 2 hours just to see me, at this time we were making out, laying down and then he gets up to go to the store with my cousin. On their way there he tells my cousin stuff I don't even remember telling him... he mentioned I like him too much and that he doesn't know me well enough and that he doesn't want a relationship. The next day I told him I didn't mean anything I said and pretend nothing happened because I was totally sh*t faced. However I have feelings and I'm not just an object he can screw whenever he wants to. If he doesn't like me then why does he keep txting me? Its really bugging me because he doesn't realize its hurting me. What should I tell him without sounding like a bitch?


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  • you are letting yourself be his sex toy. its on you, not him.


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